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  • Renee Kashuba

I have the BEST customers

OK. Every business owner says that (or at least I hope they do, because every business owner should be so enthusiastic about their clients). But MY customers really are the best. We chat. We hang out. We share recipes and food stories (and kid stories, both the human and the furry kind). Every transaction is like getting a visit from an old friend. I once had a friend come in to the store when I was talking to a customer, and after she left she asked about her -- her name and such. And then she said, "Oh, where do you know her from?" And I said, "I know her from here!" She couldn't believe that I only knew her from the store. But that's how we roll here at MadeByRK.

Here's the coolest though: Some of my customers bring me food. The store is turning into more of a food exchange or a food-sharing hang out. The other day, a regular came in to place an order. Before she left, she presented me with a foil-wrapped package that was still a little warm. And these were inside. They were delicious! So, so good. The crust was flaky and salty, but substantial. The filling was spicy and savory and full flavored. I had to force myself to stop gobbling them long enough to snap a picture. She was thrilled I like them and promised to bring some more savory goodness sometime.

This really is the best job! As my oldest says: I'm living the dream.

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