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Dobbs Ferry Pantry

Following the spread of the novel coronavirus in early 2020, we saw an immediate increase in families in need in our area. In fact, the Dobbs Ferry Pantry experienced a rapid doubling, and then tripling, of families in need -- while donations and sources of bulk goods dried up. We decided to work with the Pantry to help meet their need, donating time, talent, and kitchen, delivering fresh baked bread and nutritious soups weekly from April through July. We continue to purchase and repackage bulk dry goods, for as long as needed. Please join us by supporting the purchase of dry goods -- we cannot do it without you! Deliver bulk dry goods in packages of at least 10 pounds directly to the pantry at South Presbyterian Church, 343 South Broadway, Dobbs Ferry. Or donate money directly to the pantry, so they can continue their mission.

Since August, we've repackaged hundreds of pounds of dry goods donated by loving neighbors, including bulk purchases of rice, beans, and flour using donated funds from our loyal friends.

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Repackaged dry goods
Pantry volunteer unloads donation

245 gallons of soup

1010 boules of bread

550 lb of dry goods

14 weeks of fresh food

Love received

Updated December 30, 2020

Total donations received: $2600

... and passed along

April 22, 2020

80 pints of Greek egg-lemon soup & 80 small loaves of bread

April 29, 2020

80 quarts of vegetable-beef soup & 80 medium loaves of bread

May 6, 2020

81 quarts of chicken, vegetable, and rice soup & 79 medium loaves of bread (OK, Chef can't count!)

May 13, 2020

84 quarts of Southwestern chicken soup (yay, bonus soup!) & 80 medium loaves of bread

May 20, 2020

70 quarts of chicken-vegetable soup & 80 medium loaves of bread

Plus, repackaged 20 lb of rice, 10 lb of pasta, and donated 10 packages of rice noodles

May 27, 2020

86 quarts of creamy chicken-veggie soup & 80 medium loaves of bread

40 lb of rice, 72 lb of flour

June 3, 2020

84 quarts of Southwestern black bean-vegetable soup & 80 medium loaves of bread

36 lb flour

June 10, 2020

75 quarts of Greek egg-lemon soup & 80 medium loaves of bread

48 lb of flour & 36 lb of rice

June 17, 2020

65 quarts of creamy chicken-veggie soup & 70 medium loaves of bread

June 24, 2020

67 quarts of Southwestern chicken & black bean soup & 70 medium loaves bread

50 lb of flour, 50 lb of rice, 30 lb of black beans

July 1, 2020

55 quarts of cheeseburger soup & 70 medium loaves of bread

80 lb of rice & 25 lb of red beans

July 8, 2020

51 quarts of classic chicken & rice soup & 60 medium loaves of bread

July 15, 2020

67 quarts of Southwestern chicken & bean soup & 70 medium loaves of bread

40 lb of sugar

July 22, 2020

75 quarts of cream of chicken & vegetable soup & 70 medium loaves of bread

10 lb of wild rice, 9 lb of oats, 24 lb of flour