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Meet the Chef

Renée comes from a long line of home cooks and chefs, starting with her great-great grandfather Kashuba, who ran an inn-café in 1920s Pennsylvania. In 2015, she embraced this creative spirit, founding MadeByRK. Grounded in Mediterranean traditions and embracing the tastes of home cooking, Renée makes delicious celebrations her sole focus to design intimate and unique events. She thrives on forming a strong relationship with her clients and working closely for the entire journey from early planning through clean-up. She also enjoys dancing, knitting, and camping with her husband, three children, and doggie.

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Custom candle ceremony display

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Home-baked goods

From gift baskets to just-for-you treats, these truly home-baked goods are always made fresh and from scratch with the Chef's favorite recipes. Decadent sugar cookies are decorated with all-natural dyes mixed in house, each an original hand creation. Selections include sweet and savory goods for every season.

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It's all about taste...

We do things a little differently here. We start by getting to know you, and we discover what you love. We design every menu to highlight the tastes you crave and the experience you desire. We include some favorites, and we add some original creations to thrill you. Each delicious meal feels like it was prepared for you by a friend. And we always keep our friends happy!

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All-natural teddy bear and butterfly sugar cookies
Cheese board with Asian pear salad and Italian savory strudel

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"You are in for a treat..."

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